Harvest is over for another year and boy was it a busy one. It only seems like the other day we were crushing our first grapes and enjoying lazy summer days at the beach. However a warmer and drier than average spring and summer combined with low crop loads ripened the vineyards quickly and soon it was action stations. The last couple of months have been a blur of crushing, pressing, fermentation with a fair mix of oak thrown in. The good news is that the quality is excellent for all varieties. The wines show the richness and texture of 2012 with a dash of extra acidity and elegance of 2011.

All the fermentations are long finished and all the reds pressed out and quietly maturing in oak. So what do we do now you ask? Well it is still busy times ahead in the winery. The whites are kept in tank or barrel on their yeast lees. Regular stirring, known as batonnage, of the yeast lees encourages mouthfeel and a creamy texture. The reds are in oak going through malolactic conversion. This amazing process occurs naturally when a special bacteria converts the hard malic acid to soft lactic acid.

We have a fantastic, passionate team in the vineyard and winery with over a hundred vintages experience between us. This really takes the drama and stress out of vintage as everyone gets on with the job in hand and has a little fun along the way. We work hard to ensure our wines are balanced, textured and full of flavour. I think it really shows through in our wines which are very pure and tell the story of the site and vintage.

Bryn Richards, Winemaker

“Beer is made by men, wine by God.” – Martin Luther