Exhibition titled Baby Frank, The Man and The Woman, to open on 24 July at The Gallery


COMING SOON — Following the current exciting Emma Hack exhibition the Gallery at Chapel Hill welcomes a new and innovative exhibition curated by local McLaren Vale artist, Jodi Gryzb.

The exhibition titled Baby Frank, The Man and The Woman, opens July 24th at The Gallery at Chapel Hill, as a key SALA event show.

This group exhibit brings together three artists, Jodi Grzyb (visual artist based in McLaren Vale), Dan Tomkins (visual artist, recent art award recipient, Adelaide based) and Alex Frayne (film maker/photographer – first showing of his still images, also based in Adelaide).

This collection of works by three very distinctive artists comes together with a sense of fluidity, enlivened by the challenges of image, line, form and subject; the works are contemplative and graceful and in some instances they are confronting.

Tomkins, a visual artist, creates sublime abstract works which draw from the quietness of nature. His work illuminates the idea of being still with what surrounds, to take a moment to look.

Frayne, a film director by trade, presents photographs as “hommage” to Adelaide. His images are at once nostalgic and transcendent and infused with the beauty and quietness that are a hallmark of South Australia.

Grzyb, an abstract artist, takes poetry to a new level, inscribing words and fusing her preparatory work with the final product. Raw and real on every level, her works contemplate the inner realm of her expressive soul.