Chapel Hill now offers international shipping of your wine purchases to over 70 countries world wide. We have USA and Canada covered. China, Hong Kong and South East Asia too. Not to mention the EU and UK.

Chapel Hill will also offer export pricing exclusive of Australian taxes, which include WET (Wine Equalisation Tax – 29%) and GST (Goods & Services Tax – 10%). The number of bottles that can be shipped overseas for private customer order varies with each country – the maximum order quantity is 60 bottles per customer. Cellar Door will contact you to confirm your order before it is processed and dispatched. The tax free pricing will go a long way to offset the price of the shipping.

We are now in the process of setting up an online web store so for the time being, if you want any more information please contact the cellar door team on +61 8 8323 8429 or, they would be more than happy to help.