At the end of Tuesday we unplugged our crusher and have granted it 10 months of annual leave. We have just received our final 2012 grape deliveries, which are Sangiovese from our Kangarilla Vineyard and McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon ex Connors Farm.

Discounting a couple of short hot spells, the conditions during the growing season and harvest have been favourably mild and dry. This, in conjunction with the lower cropping levels resulted in an early and condensed vintage. So it’s almost the middle of March and we have safely tucked away in the cellar the whites which are displaying fantastic varietal personality and a range of reds with depth, layers and length.

A massive thank you to our V12 cellar and vineyard crew for their outstanding efforts, as without their enthusiasm and attention to detail great wine is not possible. Now, I am looking forward to sneaking in a couple of Fringe shows and enjoying a normally elusive Easter.

Michael Fragos
Chief Winemaker