Well it finally feels like vintage 2012 is over as all the reds have now finished their malolactic acid conversion.  Cellar hands Damo and Liam have been busy racking and sulphuring all the 2012 wines from barrel.

The pressure cleaner has been running flat out as we need to wash all the lees out of barrel before returning the wine to oak where it will remain for another six months.  At which point we repeat the process of racking, washing barrels and then returning the wine.  In this manner we naturally clarify our wines and therefore there is no need for harsh filtration.

We believe that excessive filtration may strip the texture, layers and nuances of flavour that we have achieved in the vineyard and nurtured in the winery.

The next few weeks will see a lull in cellar work where we can catch up on cleaning and maintenance before we start to blend the 2012 whites and rose and prepare them for bottling. It is also a great time to reflect on the lessons learnt during the previous vintage and plan for the future as well as sneaking in a few cheeky beers at our favourite local drinking holes!

Bryn Richards