Christmas is just about knocking on the door and we are flat out in the winery. Currently we are blending and bottling all our 2011 reds. This is a massive task to move all the barrels, empty, wash, souse and then stack them away again.  It also means lots of tastings and decisions about the blends.  We are very pleased and proud of the quality of all the 2011s.  They will definitely impress when released.

Once the 2011s are tucked away in bottle our thoughts turn to the 2012 reds.  We like to put together the base blends (known as assemblage) at the end of the first year to allow the  various components time to meld and integrate. It is always exciting to see how the wines have changed since vintage and completion of malo.

Finally, we have been working hard on an apple cider with our friends from McLaren Vale Beer Company.  Made solely from 100% Adelaide Hills apples it is a delicious and refreshing drink for summer. A blend of Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths we have utilized our winemaking techniques to retain the lovely flavours and natural acidity. Sold in 500ml bottles at bottle shops and available on draught at venues across Australia, seek it out – Dr Pilkingtons Miracle Cider.