V20 Update


Vintage 2020 was indeed eventful and one that we will discuss and analyse for many years to come.

Despite the early dry and warm conditions, McLaren Vale again displayed why it is such an amazing region for grape growing and winemaking. The region was also incredibly fortunate to avoid the bushfires and to escape any associated smoke taint issues. 

Over the past years we have focussed on improving soil health and vine health to increase the resilience of the vines. This resilience ultimately helped the vines to cope with the challenging season.

The cooler nights that prevailed closer to harvest allowed the vines to recover and for the grapes to easily achieve optimum ripeness and flavour development. Crop levels were ultimately down and the smaller grape berries resulted in red wines with delicious concentration and body. 

We are looking forward to being able to share the wonderful vintage 2020 wines with you.