Wine Selection

Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre

The VIP wine club is the best way to regularly sample Chapel Hill wines and access exclusive bottlings as well as rare and museum wines. The Vintage Selection is four shipments of three bottles of wine annually. This is your entry to The VIP wine club.


The pinnacle of our collective grape growing and winemaking effort, The best McLaren Vale shiraz parcels each year go to The Vicar. The wine is a pure expression of the region, variety and of gentle winemaking. Powerful and graceful, it is a wine with pedigree dating back decades. A wine for the purists.

Single Block

Chapel Hill Winery is situated on one of the most unique and awe-inspiring vineyards in McLaren Vale. The finest parcels of fruit from this site are shared as our single block wines.Geology: Most of the vineyard is planted on the prized Ancient Rock Geology (with the soils being derived from ancient rocks). Elevation: One of the higher elevations in McLaren Vale (approx. 170 m) Sea Breezes: The elevation better capitalises on the cooling sea breezes Gentle winemaking with moderate new oak usage (20%) to showcase the characters of the unique sites.

The MV

An exploration of some of the finest (low yielding) vineyard sites McLaren Vale’s ancient coastal landscape has to offer. Crafted with a gentle patience, using entirely by-hand winemaking techniques. The resulting wines demonstrate the beauty, complexity and character of place, varietal and vintage. The sense of place varieties. Wines with texture, complexity and mouthfeel that celebrate the wonderful climate, geology, coastal influence, and lifestyle of McLaren Vale. Vineyards: low yielding & harsh sites due to being windswept, shallow soils, rocks = resilient vines Gentle winemaking: 100% open fermentation with plunging, basket pressing & oak maturation

Small Batch

Our Small Batch collection reflects forward thinking winemaking inspired by new frontiers and revisiting sentimental favourites. At Chapel Hill, we are proud of the pioneering spirit of McLaren Vale and these wines capture the passion of all who are involved.


Building on a rich history rooted in fortified wine production, the Fortified range continues to explore the wonderful world that is ‘Port’. Perfect with after dinner treats or as the treat itself, these wines recall a delicious style with a modern take.

Escape Room

‘Lofi’ is our way of describing wines made with minimal intervention.The style harks back to simpler times before all the modern shiny processing equipment. The wines are made without any additions, with no filtering or fining; rustic and unprocessed, kind of like a bowl of nona’s handmade pasta. As a result, they are full of texture and layers of flavour. Although these wines are hands off, they are very much eyes on as “faults” are still a big no no. Like all our wines, they champion fruit purity above all else.

The Vinedresser

The iconic stained-glass window at our winery’s historic chapel reads, ‘I am the true vine’. The scripture follows with ‘my father is a vinedresser’. Caring for our land through sustainable viticulture and grape growing forms a cornerstone of our winemaking philosophy. Vinedresser is our tribute to the magnificent grape growers of McLaren Vale that make this wine possible. We enjoy long term relationships with 25 likeminded growers. A family of growers who are committed to quality and who make our wines possible. Wine Style: Generous in character and welcoming to reflect the passion of our growers.

Mr. Vinecombe

In the late 1850’s, prominent early settler Mr William Vinecombe donated a small (0.5 acre) parcel of land in section 518 of McLaren Vale to the local Methodist settlers to build the Seaview Chapel and a burial ground. A makeshift chapel was initially constructed on the site until the current Chapel was built and opened in 1865. This building would later become home to Chapel Hill Winery who have preserved the chapel and continued the legacy.

There existed a wonderful opportunity for a premium blend to showcase the spirit and charm of McLaren Vale as a blend would capture many different elements of the region.

Honour Mr. Vinecombe for his wonderful gesture by naming this wine that celebrates McLaren Vale after him.

The Parson

The Parson range is our invitation to discover the balance and purity we strive for in every bottle of Chapel Hill. Driven by an understanding that great wine is made in the vineyard, each wine is carefully crafted to highlight the delicious varietal characteristics of these extraordinary grape varieties.

The Prophet

Spreading the word of McLaren Vale and Chapel Hill to the world, The Prophet range showcases the great strength of the region. Intense flavour and distinctively Australian, these wines are emissaries of our winemaking beliefs on the world stage.